By Leila Gillings

The Phenomenal Woman 

She walks into the room

Head held high, 

With the wings on her back 

Giving her the motivation to fly 

The eyes of judgment stare at her 

She knows she is made of gold

All she ever needs to do is express 

Her mind and soul 

She puts forth her best 

No longer caring about negativity from the rest 

And soon realizes that her vulnerability is key

She unlocks her heart and everyone hears her voice reign 

In there lies pain and power she dares to retain 

The Phenomenal Woman

The Queen herself 

She has learned to put everything aside until she knows herself first. 

The qualities of this woman are relentless, passionate, vulnerable and authentic

When she takes that look in the mirror, strength is all she can see

She holds the barrier of society’s standards 

But she takes it as a reminder that being her true self is the only thing that matters. 

A Phenomenal Woman 

May she ask herself: What does it mean to be a Woman? 

Being a woman means creating the building blocks of solidarity 

Taking what she knows and what everyone else said she couldn’t be 

The eyes behind that pain, is what motivates a woman to no longer stay sane 

A woman’s voice is the symphony to freedom

We are the adamant sound like the beat of a drum 

The Phenomenal Woman 

May you walk this Earth knowing your worth 

Going through many experiences learning about yourself

Knowing you are a blessing of power in disguise 

That will soon open up so many eyes

Her  vision and  power are is what she upholds 

It’s so raw and real that she cannot help but stand out and be bold 

The world is hers 

And she is unstoppable

Any barrier stopping her from being her best is impossible 

She aspires to inspire 

Because who she is  and what she values will create a change and transpire 

The Phenomenal Woman 

She is one that cannot be stopped 

She is the one that will tell the truth unapologetically 

Leaving you with your heart to drop 

Her resilience is her pot of gold 

Now it is time to sit up and listen 

Because this is your moment to form a connection 

To the passion that comes from the depths of her soul.


A woman of her word 

No matter the circumstance 

Genuinity is what she wants everyone to hear and see 

Engagement and power lies within her eyes 

Living in her truth is what she wants everyone to realize 

A past never dictates a future 

Devoting time to a passion that could save lives 

And the ability  to work against the odds and give the world a chance to become less stigmatized

Vicariously living through one another 

Inspiring those who take after their mothers 

Stepping into the room with all attention on her 

She releases the spark that makes heads turn

Knowing that with her mind of  power all systemic bridges will burn


Take a chance 

A risk that will change lives 

Miracles are the ones we see through each other’s eyes 

I can be who I want to be 

Knowing that I will be stigmatized 

A tie that will bring me to a reality that showcases otherwise 

My mind, heart, and soul 

A force to be reckoned with 

Living freely releases the inner depths of me 

Looking for an answer that can only be made by the power invested in me 

Overstepping is not my goal 

Releasing my power and purpose will only cure my soul 

You are the only one that can take a leap of faith no matter what you are told 

Stand by Your Word

State your passion 

Tell who needs to be aware  

A mind of power is what you are given 

Create. Innovate. Empower.  

Your mind is the top of your tower

An opportunity of a lifetime 

Beat the odds and 

Reveal what is within with  

All fears aside 

Making people realize your work ethic and pride 

Stand with the person that knows you best and let the world respect your name 

As you will become untouchable, a powerful woman is your title of fame 

Woman Solidarity 

What does it mean to be a woman? 

We look in the mirror, trying to define our outer image 

But little do we know our inner power is what shines through 

We go through life trying to find ourselves 

As society does not want to see us win 

We must take that power and breathe in the positive peace 

That is within 

We redefine and recreate 

That is our purpose 

Build that interconnectedness 

Know your worth 

We are capable

Take pride in the opportunity of life you were given from birth 

LEILA GILLINGS is a student at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.