when God, 

he of the Name unspoken

got tired of all the lies, 

got tired of the half hearted

promises to save the trees, mow the lawn,

stop sneaking cookies and 

slinking to images

of cheap thrills

to get through the night,

so he decided to begin again

wilth rain and rain and rain

and solid ground began to disappear

and if you didn’t have a big enough boat

to weather the stunning wet

you were a goner

and it didn’t matter that 

you were never on TV

or found your perfect soul mate

or knew about adverbs

and the benefits of kale

or that you’d vowed again,

beginning tomorrow,

that you’d really start to change.

Stewart Mintzer lives in Southern California near the Redwoods and the sea. He is a writer and artist, looking for ways through disempowering stories and trances, ways back to ground and heart.