Rain on the River

stronger than the water

stronger than the water

rain on the river

father said the world is cold

so she hid behind her clothes

she could hear the river roar

she could hear the river still running

father said the earth is cold

he paved over the sparrow’s home 

but she could hear the river roar

she could hear the river still running

rain on the river

rain on the river

rain on the river 

we were young and we were old

all through our lives the river rolled

we could hear the river roar

we could hear the river still running

the rain it poured 

and the river roared

and soon it’s knocking on your door

and sweeping chairs across the floor

Father, can you hear the river?

stronger than the water 

you’re not 

stronger than the water

you’re not

stronger than the water 

rain on the river 

rain on the river 

rain on the river 

rain on the river 

Take it Home

what goes around comes around

when the seed sprouts

put your poison in the ground

now it’s in your mouth

you say you make a living

what your making is a killing

making nothing 

what your 

making ain’t making 

a difference

and the gears keep spinning in the

clock tower

and the killers keep killing in the 

lock down

wasting life like it doesn’t matter

put the earth up on a platter

carve it like a piece of meat

feed it to the money beasts


we take it home take it home take it home take it home

but were burning down the house


everyone answers to someone

we all answer to the mother that we come from

we all answer to the eyes that we find in the mirror

we all answer to ourselves that we 

can’t run from

sure, we made a mess of things


we’ve been blinded by the dollar

green glasses that we wear

but its time we take them off

‘cause they’re going out of style


now your dollar is your vote

every piece of paper power 

is a ballot that you hold

who do you support?

pink tax, petty problems

if we hold on to our dollars

we be shutting down the system

maybe one day you will listen


how could we forget?

its time to remember 

Generation Z

I know we can do better

they put profits for today before our future for tomorrow

and they told us 

when they named us 

for the last 


Fiora Laina is a lifelong home schooler born in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington.  Her family moved to western Massachusetts when she was eight months old.  Fiora has always had a passion for the arts.  She trained as a classical pianist since the age of 5, and has operated a small greeting card business, “Storybook Greetings,” since she was eight years old.  Fiora  has also won many awards for her art including the Congressional Art Award for MA, District One, and the Berkshire Music School Merit Scholarship for three years in a row. In September of 2018 she suffered a repetitive motion injury that left her unable to play piano, write, type or draw for two months.  During that time she began to listen to folk and indie music, and she discovered the power of songwriting as an artistic medium.  As she began to rehabilitate her hands, she also began songwriting.  Now Fiora is dedicated to sharing the power of music with anyone who will listen.  She has opened for national acts such as Matt Nakoa and Lucy Kaplansky.