Polder (techniques to drain wetlands and make them usable for agriculture)

Watching from the window

soundless gliding through landscapes

remembering slow trains and noisy trains

stopping in every small town

now we have immaculate windows 

no old weather trapped inside 

the double paned glass

broken seal

rejoice in progress!

Breathtaking beauty

for all to see


misty green pastures – or is it smog? – 

fields covered in morning sun

singing trees, chattering canals

oil spills on the water

making rainbows 

dead ducks floating

belly up they didn’t know 

life ended in breathtaking beauty

for all to see


another day in May

Rev. Anoek van Praag, LMT, began writing poetry at a very early age. She writes and reads in Dutch, English, French and Italian. Her poems are published in various books and magazines and can she be found on YouTube reading from her own work. She performs regularly at several venues throughout New York City, in The Netherlands and Florida.