One never knows for sure, but I think that when my time is up, I will probably go gentle into that good night. I won’t fight when it’s clear there are no remedies; when the light has dimmed both body and mind and it’s time to just surrender.

However, in the meantime, regarding living and particularly regarding our planet earth in dire need of help, I certainly will not go gentle into that good night. I am not resigned. I am not like those images of trapped animals right before being slaughtered and bowing their heads in submission. No, I’m not giving up on our Mother Earth.

This amazing young Swedish girl of sixteen said recently that it is not hope that we need, but bold action. And I would add that for all us baby boomers, it’s not about feeling good, or avoiding feeling bad, but about bold action and feelings be damned. Feelings come and go – they are significant to acknowledge and not avoid, but paradoxically through acting, feelings take a back seat; at least that has been my experience. 

Are we such delicate creatures that we can’t bear a bit of overwhelm, sadness, distress or grief? Most of us are not even going to suffer like so many people will and are from the effects of climate change.

I know the generation before the boomers were much more action focused and often denied their interior selves and so psychology, introspection and honoring our feelings were highlighted, but it’s time to move on from that – not deny or suppress our feelings but move on. 

It’s time to care about our planet.  After all It’s the only one we have.

Judy Fox is a native New Yorker who has lived in the Berkshires for the last twenty years. An artist, she has been a teacher of English as a Second language, traveled extensively and worked many years overseeing printing at a nonprofit educational organization. Judy is an active member of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) and a cofounder of the group  Living the Change Berkshires. Find out more at