Of course I consume fossil fuel

I have to drive my kids to school

Beef you say I should not eat

It’s just a daily plate of meat

Then you ask me every day

Recycle do not throw away

Reduce my use of plastic now?

What’s wrong with plastic anyhow?

Decarbonize you plead with me

But carbon’s something I can’t see

Oh, climate change just seems so grim

And stopping it, well odds are slim

What I could do, would be so small

Would make no difference after all

But wait! What’s that you’re telling me?

Those Glaciers melt into the sea? 

Those heat waves will become the norm?

Those floods will come with every storm?

That plants, animals, food supplies

Could disappear before my eyes?

I must then use some common sense

Or face the dire consequence

I’ll ride my bike or take a train

Instead of meat, I’ll eat more grain

I’ll only buy just what I need

And try to grow my food from seed

I’ll take my head out of the sand

And really try to understand

Climate Change won’t go away

Unless I change my ways today

I’ll make a plan to be involved

I want to get this problem solved

I’ll make a stand, begin to fight

I’ll make some changes, get things right

I’ll see the world I’ll hear its cries

The time is now – DECARBONIZE

And to my future I declare

That once again I’ll breathe clean air

Jude Mead lives in Northwest Connecticut. She is a photojournalist, a playwright, an educator, and most importantly a mother. She has published a number of articles and poems on nature and enjoys being outdoors. Climate change has been an ongoing concern in her home for many years and she strives daily to live in a clean world. When not writing, Jude spends her time gardening, playing music, skiing, or swimming.