A FEW will get this:

Air is the breath of life, keep it clean and you will dance through life with a graceful balanced energy.

Fire is the blanket that will keep life vigorously warm.

Earth is home, keep it clean and you will enjoy your stay.

Water is the pure nourishment that feeds and sustains everything in the garden of life.

The four elements are what binds everyone and everything together here on Mother Earth.

These elements show prejudice to no one or thing.

These four doorways will be tested to fall off their hinges by man, but don’t be fooled, we know who will win.

These four elements are the strength that binds the Oneness, the truth will echo throughout every corner of our planet earth.

Everything and everyone weaves their essence from the past, the present and the future

Together, to create what is to be the place we all call home. Harm it and it will harm you back, simple as that. Try to fool it and it will shower the foolishness back upon each of you.

It is written in the scrolls of our DNA, a fabulous wonder as well as a warning of how we must preserve our roles as caretakers here on Mother Earth.

Each of us will come to a crossroads, one road will look beautiful with foolish enticements, while the other will look green, plain and long. Many will be drawn in by the beauty of plenty and will become addicted to the over powering greed. While the a few will embrace the possibilities of what all can be on the green road of endlessness.

We enter this world as a student for a brief time. We will carry the entire DNA library of ancestral knowledge within each of us. During our stay here, some will be foolish to embrace the patterns of silliness of their ancestors that sought the beautiful road of enticement. Some will realize that their curiosity will make them stray towards the long green path of possibilities.

We are told that these ones will restore their ancestral balance.

It was spoken that there would come an off balance and the weight of negatives would awaken the anger in Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky.

They will awake with such a roar, so that all whom they care for will awaken as well. They said, many ears will fall to silence when this happens. They will begin housecleaning for all to witness, evicting what was not to be.

Grandfather Sky will cry great tears to help cleanse Earth’s sadness; he will spin fiercely and make her breath swirl. His temper will rage and the heat will blister all that should have not been. Mother Earth will smile back at him as she shakes off all the pain and bruising that was bestowed upon her. They both will cry tears of sorrow to restore the original agreement of residency for all that is, so all shall be again.

If we cannot humble ourselves to a gift that is so precious, we should not be here. We humans are easily replaceable and she will live on forever. We cannot forget about the Ice Age, the dinosaur era, the great floods from the Bible, we cannot forget or she will remind us of who really is the boss here.

Let no man/woman be silent to the obligations of a good healthy, happy life! Ignorance, we can no longer embrace. LIFE MATTERS!

Great-Grandmother Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Elder from Minnesota, is a spiritual advisor, storyteller and wisdom keeper. She travels and teaches internationally, with a particular focus on healing children, families and communities from the negative effects of alcohol and drug addiction. Her book, Wisdom Lessons, was published in 2017 by Green Fire Press.