Photographer Rodney Tate of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, is out almost every day capturing images of birds–especially the shore birds and eagles that stalk and soar around the beaches near his home.

In spring 2017, Rodney was able to photograph the rare and endangered piping plovers nesting in Antigonish, including beautiful shots of new hatchlings. These birds are down to a few hundred breeding pairs in Atlantic Canada, and a total North American population of only 5,000. Why? Because they nest out on beaches, in shallow depressions in the sand, where the hatchlings are easy targets for crows, seagulls, eagles, foxes, mink, dogs and of course humans, particularly on beaches that allow motorized vehicles.

Rodney also frequently photographs majestic bald eagles snatching fish out of the water near his home. The eagle population has rebounded in North America since DDT was banned, but now faces a new threat: the depletion of fish stocks along the Atlantic coast. These photographs from 2017 show a good run of Atlantic Saury, providing rich food for the great eagles.

If you’re fired up about protecting birds, consider supporting the National Audubon Society and its international wing, Audubon International. In Canada, you can support Nature Canada.

You can also make some simple lifestyle choices that help birds: avoid products containing palm oil, and seek out organic shade-grown coffee. And if you’re on the beach in plover nesting season, June, leash your dog and be careful where you walk!

See more of Rodney Tate’s beautiful images on his Facebook page.